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Transport of passengers statistics - September 2018
Indicator Note Value Variation
Total 406,227 1.8
City transport 245,042 1.1
Inter-city transport 117,508 3.2
Special and unscheduled transport 43,677 2.2
  • Value in thousands Variation: percentage compared to the same month of the previous year

The purpose of the Passenger Transport Statistics (PT) is to provide monthly information regarding the number of passengers transported by city transport (bus and metropolitan), inter-city transport (road, rail, air and sea) and special and unscheduled bus transport.

Road transport is researched through a sample survey. For rail transport, the number of passengers is calculated using the information provided by the railway operators (RENFE and other autonomous companies). The information for air transport is provided by Civil Aviation, and for sea transport, the number of passengers disembarked is compiled using the information from State Ports.

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September 2018 Published: 12/11/2018
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