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Economically Active Population Survey - Quarter 1/2017
Indicator Note Value Variation
Employed 1 18,438.3 2.27
Unemployed 1 4,255.0 -11.19
Economic activity rate 2 58.78 -0.51
Unemployment Rate 2 18.75 -2.25
  • Value in thousands. Variation over the same period the previous year
  • Value as a percentage. Variation: difference with regard to the rate for the same period the previous year

The Economically Active Population Survey (EAPS) has been conducted since 1964. The methodology currently in force is that of 2005.

It is a quarterly continuous research focusing on families, whose main purpose is obtaining data on workforce and its several categories (employed, unemployed), as well as on population out of the labour force (economically inactive population).

The initial sample is about 65,000 families per quarter, which equals approximately 180,000 persons.