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Variaciones residenciales 2017
  Total Españoles Extranjeros
Variaciones interiores: total 1.499.820 1.177.557 322.263
Variaciones exteriores: altas 637.375 83.123 554.252
Variaciones exteriores: bajas 411.244 79.209 332.035


The Residential Variation Statistics (RVS) are compiled by the INE, basically from the exploitation of the information regarding registrations and cancellations due to changes of residence registered in the Municipal Registers, with variation dates from the reference year, and reflected in the INE register database up to the month of March (inclusive) of the year following the year of the study.

Annual residential balances by variation, both internal, among the different municipalities of Spain, and external, between the municipalities of Spain and abroad, are obtained in that way.

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Year 2017 Published: 26/06/2018
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