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The significant changes that the Spanish population has suffered over the last century and especially over the last decades are the object of this study coordinated by Professor Andrés Arroyo Pérez. This work puts a general vision of the most noteworthy characteristics of these changes at the reach of both the researcher and the student or any other type of interested user interested in demography. 

The number, structure and geographical distribution of population numbers; the behaviour of the different components: fertility, mortality and migrations; as well as other numerous subjects (marriage, future population, etc.) are dealt with in this work rigorously and clearly with a special emphasis on the graphical representation of this information. 

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Contents of the publication (Files in PDF format)

  • Population (PDF 5.433 Kb)
    Florencio Zoido Naranjo
    Faculty of Geography and History. University of Seville
    Andrés Arroyo Pérez
    Faculty of Mathematics. University of Seville
  • Mortality (PDF 223 Kb)
    Francisco Viciana Fernandez
    Faculty of Medicine. University of Seville
  • Fertility (PDF 873 Kb)
    Andrés Arroyo Pérez
    Faculty of Mathematics. University of Seville

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