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Count of Aranda Census is considered to be the first modern census to be conducted in Europe. The genuine history of the Spanish population censuses begins in 1768, when the Count of Aranda gave specific orders to commence tasks aimed at establishing the "genuine population of this Monarchy" so as to promote useful ideas to the State, in terms of the sex and age of the population.

The execution of the Census ordered by the Count of Aranda was commissioned to the bishops who were given appropriate instructions to, through the parish priests of their different dioceses, collect the information required on the different locations in the areas in compliance with a single form.

In order to better study the data, the INE has reclassified information on villages, at source sorted by parish, sorting it in accordance with the current provincial partitioning, completing the statistical tables with current cartography.

Contents of the publication (Files in PDF format)

    Book I. Dioceses of Albarracín, Astorga, Ávila, Badajoz, Barbastro and Barcelona. Order Santiago: Llerena. Order of Alcántara: Magacela.

    Book II. Dioceses of Burgos and Cádiz.

    Book III. Dioceses of Calahorra, Canarias, Cartagena, Ceuta, Ciudad Rodrigo, Córdoba, Coria, Cuenca. Vicaría: Benamejí.

    Book IV. Dioceses of Gerona, Granada, Guadix, Huesca, Jaca and Jaén. Abadía Alcalá la Real.

    Book V. Dioceses of León, Lérida and Lugo.

    Book VI. Dioceses of Málaga, Mallorca, Mondoñedo, Orihuela and Osma.

    Book VII. Dioceses of Orense, Oviedo, Palencia, and Pamplona.

    Book VIII. Dioceses of Plasencia, Salamanca and Santander.

    Book IX. Dioceses of Santiago, Segorbe and Segovia.

    Book X. Dioceses of Sevilla, Tarazona, Teruel, Toledo and Tuy. 

    Book XI. Dioceses of Valencia, Valladolid, Zamora and Zaragoza. 

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