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  • SubirCustomised requests

    Our publications do not contain all the data that the INE offers. In many cases, through our files, we can respond to the demand for information that users require (unpublished special tabulations, data with a greater territorial or sectorial breakdown level, etc...).

    Customised information must be requested in the Information Area, clearly indicating the details of the contact person (name, postal address, telephone, fax and e-mail, if you have one), and detailing as much as possible the information that you require. If you have any doubts, call us and we will assist you in specifying your request.

    • National Statistics Institute. Information Area
      Paseo de la Castellana 183 (entrance at Estébanez Calderón 2)
      Telephone 91 583 91 00 - Fax 91 583 91 58
      Online enquiry:

    Requests will pass through a viability analysis process, programming and subsequent verification that the data obtained safeguard statistical secrecy and are representative. These processes will be carried out as quickly as possible. The average response time is 10 working days. If the data requested may be obtained, we will send you the conditions for the supply of the data; these include the cost of the compilation of the information, the approximate delivery period and the restrictions, if any, under which said information may be used. Once the supply conditions have been accepted, we will proceed to the work programme.

    You will receive the data in the most appropriate medium: in print or file. When files are involved, standard and easy-to-use formats will be used. The issue of the information will be carried out by your choice of method: ordinary mail, e-mail, fax, messenger at the user's expense or direct collection from the Information Area offices.

  • SubirDigital Cartography Files

    These are files that contain the digitalisation of the georeferenced outlines of all municipalities and many of the censal sections, according to UTM coordinates 28, 29, 30 and 31. The files are available in ArcInfor EXPORT format (e009) and SHAPE.

    List of sections available

  • SubirCustomised anonymous survey files

    There are some statistical operations that, for confidentiality reasons, cannot provide standardised files of individual data, but depending on the study that you wish to conduct, you may request customised anonymity. These operations include: Labour Cost Survey, Wage Structure Survey, Economically Active Population Survey, Municipal Agricultural Census files...

  • SubirSpecial crosses of variables

    When the tabulation plan of statistics is carried out, crosses are foreseen between variables that a priori are considered the most representative, thus obtaining a series of tables that comprise the standard publication. Based on the basic statistical operations files, crosses other than those published may be carried out between variables, according to the needs of the user.