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Standardising the editing phase at Statistics Spain: a little step beyond EDIMBUS

Doc: 05/2014.

We propose a slight generalization of the generic EDIMBUS editing and imputationstrategy based on the notion of statistical production function and the inclusion of editingduring data collection therein. Some first consequences are introduced such as theparametrization of the strategy in terms of the amount of cross-sectional informationavailable for the execution of these functions and a minimal set of specification rules forthem (already present in the literature). Also, we pose specific examples of the editingfunction whose goal is the selection of units for interactive editing so as to optimiseresources. The whole proposal fits within the efforts for the modernisation of thestatistical production process conducted at Statistics Spain.



Palabras clave / Key words: Editing strategy, EDIMBUS strategy, production function

Standardising the editing phase at Statistics Spain: a little step beyond EDIMBUS (Pdf 366 KB)
Silvia Rama and David Salgado

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