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In article 149.1.31, the Constitution establishes that the State has exclusive jurisdiction over statistics with state purposes. This page can be used to access Law 12/1989, of 9 May, on the Public Statistical Function (LFEP) which regulates statistical activity for state purposes, under the terms envisaged in article 149.1.31 of the Constitution. The LFEP also governs the planning and compilation of statistics with state purposes carried out by the State Administration and its dependant entities, as well as the organisation of its statistical services and its relations as regards statistical matters with Autonomous Communities, local corporations, the European Union and international organisations.

Law on the Public Statistical Function

Law 12/1989, of 9 May, on the Public Statistical Function. Published in the ( BOE 11-05-1989

Disciplinary procedure for failure to comply with obligation

Royal Decree 1572/1993 of 10 September, which approves the Regulation on sanctioning administrative procedure of the violations for breach of its obligations under the Law on the Public Statistical Function (BOE 6-10-1993)

Orden ECC/2398/2012, de 29 de octubre, por la que se regula el sistema de notificación en los procedimientos sancionadores en materia estadística regulados por el Reglamento de procedimiento administrativo sancionador de las infracciones por incumplimiento de las obligaciones establecidas en la Ley de la Función Estadística Pública, aprobado por el Real Decreto 1572/1993, de 10 de septiembre (BOE 8-11-2012)

Obligatory statistics

Fourth additional order of Law 4/1990 of 29 June on General State Budgets for 1990 ( BOE 30-06-1990) , It is amended by Second additional order of Law 13/1996 of 30 December ( BOE 31-12-1996).