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Concept selected: Gross investment in tangible goods


Investment during the reference period in all tangible goods. Included are new and existing tangible capital goods, whether bought from third parties, acquired under a financial lease contract (i.e. the right to use a durable good in exchange for rental payments over a predetermined and protracted term) or produced for own use (i.e. Capitalised production of tangible capital goods), having a useful life of more than one year including non-produced tangible goods such as land. The threshold for the useful life of a good that can be capitalised may be increased according to company accounting practices where these practices require a greater expected useful life than the 1 year threshold indicated above.


Commission Regulation (EC) No 250/2009 of 11 March 2009 implementing Regulation (EC) No 295/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards the definitions of characteristics, the technical format for the transmission of data, the double reporting requirements for NACE Rev.1.1 and NACE Rev.2 and derogations to be granted for structural business statistics More information


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