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A property is termed as rustic when it is part of the countryside or a rural area.


Five types of rustic properties are distinguished with a sixth for all those not included in the preceding five, or where it is
unclear where to include them:
- Dry farming.- Non-irrigated rustic property, whose specification as dry is shown in the deed.
- Irrigated land.- Rustic property which uses any means of irrigation, and whose irrigation specification is shown in the deed.
- Rustic dwelling.- Construction used as a dwelling outside the urban area and not located on a division of building land. It includes estates, towers, country houses, farms, cabins, Catalan country houses, etc.
- Rustic agrarian building.
- Construction used for agrarian services. It will include farm or livestock buildings, farm, livestock or forestry factories, outbuildings forming part of an independent farm: granaries, stables, tanks etc.
- Agricultural operation.- It will include registered farms constituted by a set of land and buildings given over to agricultural, forestry or livestock use, forming an organic whole and an economic organisation.
- Other rustic buildings.- This includes those rustic nature buildings that it has not been possible to classify under the previous headings.


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