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Commercial premises.- This section includes those premises whose main
activity is commercial.
- Garages.- Public or private car parks are included. They also include those
private garages within a building designed for dwellings or other
purposes, but with independent deeds.
- Office.- Those premises intended for providing public services, but not for
commercial use.
- Lumber room.- This includes premises with independent deeds and
unspecified use under the premises headings, both those included in the
building of the owner's dwelling, and those that are in another building.Industrial building.- Each area of space that extends between walls to
form a factory, storage space or other industrial type construction. This
includes industrial warehouses located in both urban and rustic areas.
- Building destined for dwellings.- Buildings whose purpose is mainly to be
used as dwellings. This is independently of whether they have garages,
lumber rooms or commercial premises.
- Other buildings not previously determined.- This classification includes
any construction other than the previous buildings for dwellings. They
may be used, for example, for schools, hospitals, residences, cinemas,
hotels, etc.
- Urban use.- Total building capacity of the industrial area, sector or unit
concerned, once the square metres for construction destined to obligatory
building are calculated; urban uses will be included, when they constitute
independent property.
- Other urban use.- This includes those urban nature buildings that are not
classified under the previous headings.


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