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If the main breadwinner of the household has ever worked, the occupation, profession or trade carried out in his or her last position to a two-digit NCO-2011 (new classification incorporated into the survey as of 2012) is registered.
The occupation is defined as the kind of work carried out, specifying the role performed.
If an individual has had more than one job, the occupation refers to the last job carried out; if he or she has carried out several jobs, the profession refers to the main job, this being regarded as the one indicated by the intreviewee. The following categories apply:
- Directors and managers
- Scientific technicians and professionals and intellectuals
- Technicians; support professionals
- Accountancy, administrative and other office employees
- Catering, personal, protection services and sales wokers
- Skilled agricultural, livestock, forestry and fishing sector workers
- Craftspersons and employees qualified for manufacturing and construction (except installation and machinery operators)
- Installation and machinery operators and assemblers
- Basic occupations
- Other cases (including Military occupations and No data recorded)


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