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Employed persons are understood to be the group of permanent and temporary employed persons who, during the reference year of the data, were carrying out paid or unpaid work for the company, and belonging to and being paid by said company.
Persons on leave for illness, paid holidays, unpaid occasional leave, on strike etc., are included, as are part-time workers who are regarded as such by the laws of the country in question and who appear on the company payroll, as well as seasonal workers, apprentices or persons working from home, but included in the company's payroll.
This also includes owners who regularly work in the unit, as well as family members and persons who regularly work there.
However, this does not include persons working for the company who are employed and paid by other companies or agencies; people who are carrying out maintenance or repair work in some of the company premises or establishments and being paid by other companies; as well as persons on sabattical, unlimited leave or retired. The members of the Board of Directors who are remunerated exclusively for their presence at Board Meetings and those partners or other persons that work less than 1/3 of the working day are also not included.
The concept of employed persons used in the survey refers to the average number of persons employed during the year.


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