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R&D personnel are classified according to the following categories:
· Researchers
These are the scientists and engineers involved in the concept or creation of new knowledge, products, processes, methods and systems in the management of the corresponding projects.
Also included are managers and administrators dedicated to the planning and management of the scientific and technical aspects of the work of the researchers, and which normally have a category higher than or equal to that of persons employed directly as researchers, often dealing with former researchers or part-time researchers.
It includes graduate students with a study wage/grant who carry out R&D activities as well.
As a general rule, they possess advanced university education, but for the purposes of this study, also included as researchers are those persons who, being devoid of the aforesaid qualification, occupy positions of this nature.
· Technicians
Technicians and similar personnel are persons whose main tasks require knowledge and technical experience in one or more fields: engineering, biological and physical sciences, or social sciences and humanities. They participate in R&D projects, carrying out scientific and technical tasks, applying operational principles and methods, generally under the supervision of researchers. Similar personnel carry out tasks corresponding to social sciences and humanities under the supervision of researchers.
Their tasks are mainly the following:
- search for bibliographic material and discover appropriate information sources in archives and libraries
- prepare computer programmes
- prepare the material and equipment necessary for carrying out experiments, tests and analyses
- perform experiments, tests and analyses
- carry out measurements and calculations and prepare tables and graphs
- carry out surveys and interviews
- ensure logistic support to researchers.
Normally they possess intermediate-level university education (technical engineers and university diplomas), but others do not, although they occupy positions of an comparable level. It can also include top-level personnel entrusted with the use of very sophisticated appliances, but they are distinguished from researchers in that the latter are in charge of directing or orienting the research tasks.
· Assistants (auxiliaries)
Auxiliary staff includes workers, whether qualified or unqualified, and secretarial and office personnel who participate in the realisation of R&D projects, or who are directly related to said projects.
This category includes all managers and administrators mainly occupied in financial matters, personnel management and administration in general, provided that their activities are directly related to R&D tasks.


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