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This sector includes those private non-profit institutions that are outside of the market and serving households (that is, serving the public). It also includes individuals and households.
Included within this sector are institutions such as professional associations or cultural societies, charity organisations, aid or assistance bodies, trade unions, consumer associations,
By agreement, this sector covers the residual R&D activities of individuals (households). R&D tasks of individuals must solely be carried out in their free time, within their own facilities and with their own resources, or with the aid of a non-refundable subsidy.
Excluded from this sector are the following private non-profit institutions:
- those whose main activity is in the service of companies.
- those that mainly serve the public administrations.
- those which are completely or mainly financed and controlled by the public administrations.
- those which offer tertiary education services or are controlled by tertiary education institutes.


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