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This is a unit, from the technical and economic perspective, with a single management, and which, within the Spanish economic territory, carries out agricultural activities, both as a main activity and a secondary activity. In addition, the holding may have other complementary (not agricultural) activities.
Said unit, on being a single unit from the technical and economic perspective, is characterised by a common use of labour and of means of production (machinery, land, installations, fertiliser, etc.). This implies that, if the plots of the holding are in two or more municipalities, they may not be very far from each other geographically.
The listing of agricultural and livestock activities is based on division 01 of the European Union Classification of Economic Activities (NACE, Rev.2), with some exceptions specified in Annex IV. In particular, it includes those holdings that maintain their land, which are no longer used for production purposes, in good agricultural and environmental conditions, in accordance with Council Regulation (EC) Number 1782/2003.
With the 2003 reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the maintenance of the land in good agrarian and environmental conditions was introduced as an agricultural activity (Article 2 of said Regulation). Aside from this activity, farmers must not have any other agricultural activity in order to access the single-payment scheme.
Therefore, the agricultural holding may be defined as a unit with an agrarian nature (set of land and/or livestock), under a single management, located in a given geographical location, and which uses the same production methods.


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