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The holder of the holding is designated as the individual or legal entity that, acting freely and autonomously, takes on the risk of an agricultural holding, managing it themselves or through someone else. In particular, the holder is considered to be:
- The owner, when said person directly manages the land, though s/he has granted all or part of the decision-making power to a holding manager.
- The tenant.
- The sharecropper.
- Any who, freely and autonomously, manage and take on the risk of a holding, regardless of the tenancy regime.
A holder that, as such, may exercise a triple role with regard to the holding of which s/he has technical-economic responsibility:
a) Takes on the responsibility of the economic or financial running of the holding and the risk of results.
b) Adopts the main technical decisions surrounding the use of available means and exercise administrative control over the holding transactions.
c) Oversees the daily management of the holding work and makes common decisions on the less important issues.


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