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This section includes the area of arable crops sown/grown during the reference year, which are covered (or not) with plants or waste during the winter.
It excludes those arable crops that are not sown during the reference year, such as hops or green, multiannual fodder plants. It also excludes family gardens, land for permanent grassland, woody crops and greenhouse land.
Agricultural land that is bare or without plant waste on the surface is particularly vulnerable to nutrient loss. In order to reduce these losses, which are damaging both to the environment and to the economy, one of the most efficient tools is to maintain the land permanently covered with plants. With this, soil erosion is reduced, as are the loss of nutrients, pesticides and faecal microbes, and the organic material of the soil is increased.
The following types of coverage are considered:
- Winter crops.
- Growing of coverage or rest period.
- Plant waste.
- Bare soil.


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