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Labour and Geographical Mobility Statistics. LGMS. Year 2019

LGMS. Year 2019. 2.6% of employed persons in the first quarter of 2019 have changed municipality of residence in the past year. 3.9% of wage earners with a temporary contract have changed their residence municipality in the last year, as compared to 2.4% of those with a permanent contract.

Changes of home municipality by nationality - Year 2019
Indicator Note Total Spanish nationals Foreign nationals
Employed persons total 1 19,471.1 17,161.2 2,310.0
Employed persons who have changed residence in the last year. 1 511.6 338.8 172.8
Unemployed persons total 1 3,354.2 2,745.4 608.8
Unemployed persons who have changed residence in the last year. 1 137.2 72.3 64.9
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Year 2019 Published: 27/09/2019
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The Labour and Geographical Mobility Statistics (LGMS) is elaborated annually and refers to the first quarter of each year. It researches the relation between the employability of persons and their availability to change residence, through the joint study of the labour characteristics and the time they have resided in the municipality.

For this purpose, the LGMS includes specific variables derived from the municipal register database of the INE (population base resulting from the coordination of the Municipal Registers) to the the Economically Active Population Survey (EAPS) sample for the first quarter of each year. In this way, it is possible to relate the demographic and labour variables in the EAPS with the geographical mobility registered in the administrative source.