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Experimental Statistic. Monthly estimates of births

The purpose is to estimate the number of births since January 2021 and to give a comparison with the historical data since 2016. This allows the number to be interpreted using a temporal perspective, given the ever-present variability and the gradual decrease observed in the number of births in recent years.

Two types of data will thus coexist in the project:

  • Definitive data (births from 2016 to 2020))
  • Estimated data (as of January 2021)

Updated birth estimates will be published during the first fortnight of each month m, covering up to the entire month m-2.

Publication calendar

19 January / 16 February

Note to users: from 16/03/2022, this experimental statistics will be an official statistics, inluded in the Inventory of Statistical Operations (ISO). Their release dates from then on can be consulted in the INE Statistics Availability Calendar.


Monthly Estimates of Births

Monthly Estimates of Births