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What are Peer Reviews

They are exercises to assess compliance with the Code of Good Practice for European Statistics.

These exercises review the statistical system of each country and formulate recommendations to help improve the elaboration of official statistics.

They are part of the European Statistics quality system.


Who participates

All members of the European Statistical System, i.e. Eurostat and the statistical offices of the member countries that are responsible for the production of European statistics.

The review teams are made up of four experts in auditing, organization and statistical production.


How they are performed

In each country, each statistical office responsible for European Statistics carries out a self-assessment on compliance with the Code of Practice.

Documentation is also prepared on the operation of its production systems.

The team of reviewers checks the documentation and prepares the Peer Review visit in which clarifications are made to the documentation provided. At the end, recommendations are formulated for the improvement of the statistical system.

Based on the recommendations, the statistical office establishes an improvement action plan.

Eurostat carries out an annual follow-up of the implementation of the aforementioned improvement actions.


Peer Review in Spain

The Peer Review visit was held from May 30 to June 3, 2022.

In Spain, the INE is in charge of coordinating the visit and and previously sent all the documentation to the team of reviewers.

The final report of the Peer Review for Spain is now available. Check it out!


The European Statistics Code of Practice:

  • It collects 16 principles that cover the institutional environment, processes and statistical results.

  • It has 84 indicators of good practices and standards.

  • The indicators provide guidance and reference when reviewing the application of the Code.