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National Statistics Plan 1997-2000

Royal Decree approving the National Statistical Plan 1997-2000 

Implementation report

Prerequisite documents for its compilation and approval:

High Council on Statistics' report 

Council of State's report

Approved annual development programmes relating to the National Statistics Plan 1997-2000

The Annual Programme 1997 and The Annual Programme 1998 were not approved given that when the National Statistics Plan 1997-2000 was approved, 1997 had ended and 1998 was about to end. Nevertheless, for 1997 and 1998 there was no legal vacuum, as the Royal Decree relating to the National Statistics Plan 1997-2000 set out, in its only and final stipulation, that the Plan took effect as of 1st January 1997.

Annual Programme 1999

Annual Programme 2000

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