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A modern vision of official statistical production

Doc: 03/2016

This work is devoted to defend the claim that the modernisation and industrialisation ofofficial statistical production needs a unified combination of statistics and computerscience in its very principles. We illustrate our vision with concrete proposals undercurrent implementation at Statistics Spain. Following a bottom-up approach we give aprecise formulation of the estimation problem in a finite population, which by usingfunctional modularity principles has allowed us to propose a methodologicalclassification of level-3 production tasks within the Generic Statistical Business ProcessModel. Additionally, in the same spirit we show our attempts to industrialise thestatistical data editing phase by carefully combining rigorous statistical methodologyproposals with a light-weight object-oriented software implementation. Finally, we arguethat the new sources of information for official statistics will underline the need for thisunified combination.

Palabras clave / Key words: Modernization, Industrialization, Statistical Production, Statistical methodology, Computer Science

A modern vision of official statistical production (Pdf 1998 KB)
D. Salgado

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