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Population and Housing Censuses 2021

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Notice to users: The data offered is definitive up to the municipal level. At the sub-municipal level (districts and census sections) the data is provisional and will be updated when the information on Households and Dwellings is published. You can consult the products that contain detailed results of the 2021 Population and Housing Censuses in this document .

How to query?

- Step 1. What do you want to do? Choose the Create tables option to start a query. To access Personal Area you will need to be registered before, this option let you recover queries, filters or custom aggregations that have been previously saved .

- Step 2. Select the geographical scope of the query: national , Autonomous Communities, provinces , municipalities or inframunicipal (districts and sections) .

- Step 3. Select the time range to which the query refers.

- Step 4. Select the main group : people, dwellings, households, and couples and other family nuclei.

- Step 5. Create the table and set filters . In Table structure you choose the set of variables that are displayed in the query, their position (rows or columns) and the unit of measure used to display the data . Once the selection , with the option Filter conditions can be set to restrict the information shown in the table (for example, the filter : Sex = Female makes the selected query information relates only to women).