Step 1   What do you wish to do?   Create tables Help Glosary

How to query?

- Step 1. What do you want to do? Choose the Create tables option to start a query. To access Personal Area you will need to be registered before, this option let you recover queries, filters or custom aggregations that have been previously saved .

- Step 2. Select the geographical scope of the query: national , Autonomous Communities, provinces , municipalities or inframunicipal (districts and sections) .

- Step 3. Select the main group : people, dwellings, households, and couples and other family nuclei.

- Step 4. Create the table and set filters . In Table structure you choose the set of variables that are displayed in the query, their position (rows or columns) and the unit of measure used to display the data . Once the selection , with the option Filter conditions can be set to restrict the information shown in the table (for example, the filter : Sex = Female makes the selected query information relates only to women).