5626Wage Structure Survey

Institutions that intervene
INE, General Social Security Treasury (MTIN), Eurostat.
Works that will be carried out in the year 2011
The fieldwork will be carried out, interviewing approximately 30,000 contribution centres and 265,000 workers. Moreover, information from the administrative registers will be used, specifically from the Social Security contribution and affiliation accounts, for the purpose of decreasing the response burden of respondents
The first filterings of the information collected will also be carried out. It is expected to send the file to Eurostat in June 2012. Supply of the Social Security Contribution Account File through the Subdirectorate General for Social and Labour Statistics of the Ministry of Labour and Immigration in order to obtain the framework, sample and elevation factors of the survey. Once the sample is selected, the General Social Security Treasury provides the Social Security affiliation numbers of those workers registered during the reference year of the survey belonging to the contribution accounts selected. The second-stage units are obtained from these lists.
Budgetary credits necessary for its finance in the year 2011  (in thousands euros)


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