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July 2020
Statistical Operation Period Notes Download
Annual Labour Cost Survey 2008-2019 Series Download
Business Confidence Indicators 3rd Quarter 2020 Series since 1st Q 2013 Download
EAPS. Economically Active Population Flows 2005 Series-2nd Q 2020 Download
Economically Active Population Survey (EAPS). Quarterly results 2nd Quarter 2020 Series since 1st Q 2002 Download
High Technology Indicators 2018 Download
Household Budget Survey 2006-2019 Series Download
ICT Sector Indicators 2018 Download
Living Conditions Survey 2019 Download
Living Conditions Survey 2019 Module Intergenerational transmission of poverty Download
Rail Transport Statistics 2010-2019 Series Download
Spanish Regional Accounts 2016-2019 Series Statistical review 2019 Download
Spanish Regional Accounts. Homogeneous series 2000-2019 Homogeneous series Statistical review 2019 Download
Survey on Industry Expenditure on Environmental Protection 2008-2018 Series Download
Survey on the use of water in the agrarian sector 2000-2018 Series Download