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December 2014
Statistical Operation Period Notes Download
Basic Demographic Indicators 2013 Definitive data Download
Employment of Persons with Disabilities 2009-2013 Download
Environmental Accounts: Air Emission Accounts 2008-2012 Series Download
Environmental Accounts: Environmental taxes 2008-2012 Series Download
Environmental Accounts: Movements of materials accounts 2008-2012 Series Download
Foreclosure Statistics 3rd Q 2014 Download
Harmonised Labour Cost Index. HLCI 1st Q 2000 - 3rd Q 2014 Series Base 2012 Download
Housing price index 3rd Q 2014 Download
Industrial Companies Survey 2013 Download
Migration Statistics. Provisional results 1st Semester 2014 Download
Mortality data 1991-2013 Series Download
Population figures Provisional results at 1st July 2014 Download
Population Figures (Population of Spain's Municipalities. Municipal Register Revision) At 1st January 2014 Series since 1996 Download
Quarterly Labour Cost Survey 1st Q 2008 - 3rd Q 2014 Series Base 2012 Download
Quarterly non-financial accounts for the institutional sectors 1995-2013 Series Download
Services Sector Price Indices 3rd Q 2014 Base 2010 Series since 1st Q 2007 Download
Survey on the Structure of Agricultural Holdings 2013 Download
Vital Statistics 1st Semester 2014 Provisional data Download
Vital Statistics 2013 Definitive data Download