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December 2013
Statistical Operation Period Notes Download
Annual Trade Survey 2012
Employment of Persons with Disabilities 2008-2012 Series
Harmonised Labour Cost Index. HLCI 1st Q 2000 - 3rd Q 2013 Series Base 2012
Housing price index 3rd Q 2013
Industrial Companies Survey 2012
Libraries Statistics 2012
Living Conditions Survey 2013 (Census 2011) Provisional data
Living Conditions Survey 2004-2012 Series (Census 2011) Definitive data
Living Conditions Survey 2012 Module Housing conditions
Migration Statistics. Definitive results 2008-2012 Series Definitive data
Migration Statistics. Provisional results 1st Semester 2013 Provisional data
Migrations Indicators 2008-2012 Series
Population figures Provisional results at 1st July 2013
Population figures Definitive results at 1st January 2013
Quarterly Labour Cost Survey 1st Q 2008 - 3rd Q 2013 Series Base 2012
Services Sector Price Indices 3rd Q 2013 Base 2010 Series since 1st Q 2007
Social Integration and Health Survey 2012
Statistic on Products in the Trade Sector 2012
Statistic on Use of Biotechnology 2012
Statistics on Domestic Violence and Gender Violence 2012

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