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November 2013
Statistical Operation Period Notes Download
Environmental Accounts: Air Emission Accounts 2008-2011 Download
Environmental Accounts: Environmental taxes 2008-2011 Download
Environmental Accounts: Movements of materials accounts 2008-2011 Download
Harmonised Demographics of Companies 2011 Download
Hospital Morbidity Survey 2012 Download
Indicators on water 2004-2011 Series Download
Innovation in Companies Survey 2012 Download
Labour and Geographical Mobility Statistics 2010-2013 Series Download
Quarterly National Accounts of Spain: main aggregates 3rd Q 2013 Download
Short-term projections of the population 2013-2023 Download
Statistics about R&D activities 2012 Download
Survey on the use of water in the agrarian sector 2011 Download
Survey on water supply and sewerage 2011 Download
Wage decile of the main job 2006-2012 Series Download