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November 2022
Statistical Operation Period Notes Download
Basic Demographic Indicators 2021 Download
Environmental Accounts: Air Emission Accounts 2008-2021 Series Download
Environmental Accounts: Environmental taxes 2008-2021 Series Download
Environmental accounts: Physical Power Flows 2014-2020 Series Download
Finance and expenses survey for private education Academic year 2020/21 Download
Harmonised Demographics of Companies 2020 Download
Information Technology and Communication Equipment and Use in Households Survey 2022 Download
Migration Statistics. Definitive results 2021 Download
Migration Statistics. Provisional results First half 2022 Download
Mortality data 2021 Download
Population and Housing Census 01/01/2021 First Results Download
Population figures 01/01/2022 Final data Download
Population figures 01/07/2022 Provisional data Download
Statistics about R&D activities 2021 Download
Statistics on Environmental Protection Activities 2020 Download
Statistics on the Collection and Treatment of Waste 2020 Download
Survey on the generation of waste in the industrial sector 2020 Download
Vital Statistics 2021 Download
Wage decile of the main job 2021 Download
Waste in Spain Accounts 2015-2020 Series Download