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"Access" does not refer to the "connectability" (i.e. can connections be provided in the households- area or street), but to whether anyone in the household could use the Internet at home if desired, even if just to send an e-mail. The devices used to access the Internet could be desktop computer, portable computer (laptop), TV set with specific Internet device (e.g. digital TV or set top box), Internet enabled games console, Internet enabled mobile phone (WAP, GPRS, UMTS, etc.) or handheld computer (palmtop, PDA). The clause "regardless of whether it is used" will in most cases be irrelevant as households will normally make use of a service they have subscribed to (and are paying for).


It is however possible that the connection was installed by one of the household members' employer or is a default facility in the building where the family is living (without actually being used).


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