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    Industrial Production Index. IPI

    February 2020. The monthly variation stands at 0.0%, after adjusting the seasonal and calendar effects. The annual rate of the Industrial Production Index stands at -1.3% in the series adjusted for seasonal and calendar effects and -0.1% in the original.

    03 April 2020
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    Residents Travel Survey. ETR/Familitur

    Fourth quarter 2019. The number of trips of residents in Spain decreses by 0.9% in the second quarter standing at 40.5 million. Total spending increases by 0.9%, standing at 9,022 million euros. 

    03 April 2020
  • Imagen iprix

    Export and Import Price Indices for Industrial Products. IPRIX-IPRIM

    February 2020. The annual variation rate of the IPRIX stands at -0.2%, three tenths below than that of the previous month. The annual rate of the IPRIM is -0-1.4%,one point and a half below than that registered in the previous month.

    03 April 2020
  • imagen para encuesta continua de hogares

    Continuous Household Survey

    Year 2019. The average number of households in Spain increases by 89,800 during 2019 and stands at 18,625,700. The average household size remains at 2.50 persons, the same figure as the previous year. 52.8% of young people between 25 and 29 years old lived with their parents.

    02 April 2020
  • Imagen frontur

    Movimientos turísticos en fronteras. Frontur

    Febrero 2020. Spain received 4.4 million international tourists in February, 1.0% more than in the same month of 2019.

    02 April 2020
  • Imagen egatur

    Total expenditure survey

    Febrero 2020. Total expenditure by international tourists visiting Spain in February increases by 1.2% compared with the same month of 2019. Average daily expenditure stands at 156 euros, 5.3% more than February 2019.

    02 April 2020

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