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Main data

  • Statistical information for the analysis of the impact of the COVID-19 crisis

    13 April 2020. In this section there are indicators, graphs and reports that the INE usually produces as part of its statistical activity, as well as other materials specifically developed for a better monitoring of the current situation during the ongoing crisis.

    From the INE we request the collaboration of our informants in order to maintain the scheduled production of the statistics, which will allow us to continue to monitor consistently, even under these circumstances, the demographic and social characteristics of the Spanish population as well as the economic activity of our country.

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    13 April 2020

Data by subject


  • Competitiveness Guarantee Index. CGI

    July 2020. The Annual change for July corresponds -1.82%.

    18 September 2020
  • Quarterly Labour Cost Survey. ETCL

    Second Quarter 2020. The labour cost of companies decreases 8.3% in the second quarter of 2020, as compared with the same period of previous year, standing at 2,442.91 euros. Wage cost per worker per month increased 9.4% and reached 1,804.08 euros on average. On the other hand, other costs decreases by 5.0%, standing at 638.83 euros per worker per month.

    17 September 2020
  • International Trade in Services Survey (ITSS)

    Second Quarter 2020. Exports of Services decrease 18.0% in the annual rate and reach 14,602.1 million euros. Services imports decrease 13.1% and stand at 11,019.7 million euros.

    17 September 2020
  • Services Sector Prices Index. IPS

    Second Quarter 2020. Prices of Services of information register an annual rate of -5.63%, almost five points below that of previous quarter. The annual rate of Advertising goes up almost seven points and stands at 1.6%.

    16 September 2020
  • Annual Spanish National Accounts: main aggregates

    1995-2019. The Spanish economy recorded a growth in volume of 2.0% in 2019. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at current prices stood at 1,244,772 million euros in 2019.

    15 September 2020
  • Passenger Transport Statistics (PT)

    June 2020. The number of passengers using public transport decreases by 47.4% in July, as compared with the same month of 2019. The annual rate for city transport decreases by 44.6 and for inter-city transport decreases by 46.8%.

    14 September 2020

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