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Capitalist mercantile company made up of one or more persons in which capital is integrated by the contributions of partners and divided into shares that confer upon their holder the status of partner, limiting the responsibility of these to their corporate contribution.
The corporate name is free. It is not possible to adopt a corporate name identical to a pre-existing one and this needs to include the expression "Sociedad Anónima" or its abbreviation "S.A."
For the constitution of a company at least one partner is required. The responsibility of partners for corporate debts with regards to third parties is limited to contributions made or committed but not yet made.
For the acquisition of legal personality a public deed, registry registration, census declaration and obtaining of a tax identification number is needed.
Capital cannot be less than 60,101.00 ¤, and at least a quarter (25%) of the nominal value of each share must be fully subscribed and paid up when the company is constituted. The non paid up portion of the share is called passive dividend.


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