Concept selected: Learning activities


Those activities of an individual organised with the intention of improving or broadening their knowledge, abilities and competences. The two fundamental criteria for distinguishing, for suitable statistical treatment, learning activities from non-learning activities, require verification that:

a) the action must be deliberate, that is, the action is for the predetermined purpose of learning and

b) the action must be organised in order to achieve said purpose in some way, including the possibility of self-organisation.


Learning activities may be classified into four large categories: formal education, non-formal education, informal learning and random/chance learning.
If we bear in mind the definition of learning activities adopted herein, chance learning must be excluded from the statistical observation and from the scope of the classification of learning activities and from the Survey, since it is not deliberate. Therefore, the research scope is reduced to the first three categories.


Survey on Adult Population Involvement in Learning Activities. Methodology


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