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Concept selected: Taxable bases with environmental interest


Air emissions
- Measured or estimated emissions of NOx
- SO2 content of fossil fuels
- Other air emissions
Substances which deplete the ozone layer
Water effluents
- Measured or estimated effluents from oxidable materials (BOD, COD)
- Other water effluents
- Collection and treatment of effluents, annual fixed taxes
Diffuse sources of water pollution
- Pesticides (Based on chemical content, price or volume)
- Artificial fertilisers (Based on phosphorus or nitrogen content or on price)
- Manure
Waste management
- Management of general waste (tax on collection or treatment)
- Management of waste, individual products (packaging, containers)
Noise (aircraft taking off and landing)
Energy products
- Energy products used for transport
- Unleaded petrol
- Leaded petrol
- Diesel
- Other energy products for transport (LGP or natural gas)
- Energy products used for other purposes
- Light fuel oil
- Heavy fuel oil
- Natural gas
- Coal
- Coke
- Biofuels
- Other types of fuel
- Electricity consumption
- Electricity generation
- Consumption of city gas
- Production of city gas
- Taxes on imports or sales of motor vehicles
- Registration or use of motor vehicles, periodic taxes
- Water collection
- Extraction of raw materials (except petroleum and gas)
- Other resources (forests)


Manual Environmental taxes. A statistical guide, 2001, EUROSTAT


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