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Concept selected: Active employment search methods.


The following employment search methods are considered to be active:
- Having contacted a Public Employment Office with one of the following objectives: to register for the purpose of finding work, obtain information regarding possible job offers and due to having received a job offer from the office.
- Having contacted a private employment office or signed up at a labour exchange - Having requested employment directly from a businessperson or presented one's resume - Having sought employment through friends, relatives or a union - Having placed or answered an ad or job advertisement (including online) - Having seen or listened to an ad or job advertisement (including online) - Having sought land, locales or materials to set up on one's own - Having sought financing or having carried out paperwork in order to obtain permits or licences to establish oneself - Having taken an exam or had a job interview


32000R1897: Commission Regulation (EC) No 1897/2000 of 7 September 2000 implementing Council Regulation (EC) No 577/98 on the organisation of a labour force sample survey in the Community concerning the operational definition of unemployment More information


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