Courses and seminars

The high demand for these courses requires a selection of the trainees, seeking to adjust the content of each course to the needs of the work carried out by each candidate. At the same time, the diversity of bodies of origin is favoured, creating a working environment in which trainee participation provides an interaction that is beneficial for all those involved.

The number of trainees admitted per course shall not exceed, in general, 30.

The selection of trainees corresponds to the SSPA. During the selection process, the following criteria shall be observed:

  • Professional experience and career path of the candidates.
  • Adjustment of the work carried out to the content of the training imparted.
  • Balance among bodies and institutions applying for the courses.
  • Objective interest of the administrative organisation in the participation of the applicant in the course.
  • Participation in another SSPA course or courses during the same term-time.

Once the final selection of trainees has been made, the SSPA shall inform all interested parties, who shall then confirm their attendance on the course.

Trainees admitted and who do not attend the courses without a justified cause may be excluded from participating in later SSPA activities.

Technical sessions and workshop

Selection of delegates for the technical sessions and workshop will be in chronological order of receipt of applications at the SSPA. The SSPA will acknowledge received applications, and will confirm the allocation of one of the available places. Should the person turn out not to be able to attend the technical session or the workshop, he or she should notify the school in order to be able to fill his or her place from the waiting list.