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Active companies by economic sector - Year 2018
Indicator Note Value Anual change
Sectors total 3,337,646 1.7
Industry 206,711 4.0
Construction 412,523 2.4
Trade 747,874 -0.7
Other services 1,970,538 2.3

The Central Business Register (CBR) groups all Spanish companies and their local units located in the national territory in azsingle information system. Its basic objective is to make possible the carrying out of economic surveys by sampling. It is updated once a year, generating a new information system at 1st January of every period.

The Statistical Use of the Central Business Register contains aggregated information on the companies and local units that operate in the national territory. A statistical use of the results is published for companies and local units, with reference to 1st January of each year, and broken down by Autonomous Communities, legal condition, economic activity and assigned employee stratum.

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