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Equipment and use of ICT in households - Year 2019
Indicator Note Value Variation
Households with internet acess 1 91.4 5.0
Households with broadband connection 1 85.2 -0.9
Persons that have used the Internet (last 3 months) 2 90.7 4.6
Frequent Internet users (at least once a week in the last 3 months) 2 87.7 5.2
Persons that have shopped online (last 3 months) 2 46.9 3.4
  • Value as a percentage. Variation difference as compared to the previous rate
    • Households with at least a member aged 16 to 74 years old
    • Persons aged 16 to 74 years old

The statistical operation follows the methodological recommendations of the Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat), which allows establishing comparisons between Spain and other countries and satisfying the requirements of international organisations.

The survey has been carried out annually since 2002, converging with the Eurostat methodology as of 2006.

The general objective of the ICT-H Survey is to obtain data on the development and evolution of what has been called the Information Society.

To this end, information is collected on household equipment in information and communication technologies (television, fixed and mobile telephony, equipment computer science), of the use that the Spanish population makes of the Internet, the relations with the electronic administration, the use of electronic commerce, the security and trust in the use of Internet, the capacities and computer knowledge, and the use of the new technologies at work. Special attention is given to the use that children make of technology.

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Year 2019 Published: 16/10/2019
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