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Statistics about R&D activities. Year 2021

Internal R&D expenditure reached 17,249 million euros in 2021, 1.43% of GDP. In per capita terms, spending on internal R&D amounts to 363.66 euros per inhabitant.

Gastos y personal en actividades de I+D interna - Year 2021
Indicator Note Value
Gastos en I+D interna 1 17,249,250
Personal empleado. Total 2 249,474
Personal empleado. Mujeres 2 100,999
Investigadores. Total 2 154,125
Investigadores. Mujeres 2 61,262
  • Thousands of euros
  • People on a full-time equivalent
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Year 2021 Published: 24/11/2022
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The Statistic on scientific research and technological development (R&D) activities has the main objective of measuring economic and human resources for research by all the economic sectors of the country (companies, public institutions, higher education institutions and private non-profit institutions) with the aim to:

  • To provide an instrument for management, planning, decision-making and control in terms of national scientific policy.
  • To provide statistical bodies with the information that they request, obtained in accordance with the international regulations that allow for comparability between the different countries.


From the 2021 edition of the Statistics on R&D Activities, the statistical unit is modified in application of European Regulation 2019/2152, which repeals, among others, Decision No. 1608/2003 of the Parliament and of the Council and whose Implementing Regulation No. 2020 /1197 of the Commission repeals, among others, Implementing Regulation No. 995/2012. The statistical unit is the Statistical Enterprise, as defined in European Regulation 696/1993.