Health Indicators - Year 2017
Indicator Note Absolute value Relative value Variation
People with good or very good health 1 34,082.1 74.0 -1.4
People who had visited the medic 2 39,962.7 86.8 5.7
Daily tabacco customers 3 8,616.7 22.1 -7.0
Daily alcohol customers 3 5,745.7 14.7 8.1
  • Absolute value: thousands of people; Relative value: % of the population total; Variation: % respecto a 2012
    • Health condition self-perceived
    • During the year
    • It only refers to people with 15 or more years
Latest data
Year 2017 Published: 26/06/2018

Did you know...?

The National Health Survey (NHS) is an investigation directed at the population that resides in family homes whose main aim is to obtain data about the state of health and the determining factors of these from the view of citizens. In the survey carried out in 2016-2017, approximately 37,500 homes distributed in 2,500 census sections were investigated.

It is carried out every five years, alternating every two and a half years with the European Health Survey, with which it shares a group of harmonised variables.

Ministerio de Sanidad, Consumo y Bienestar SocialThe National Health Survey (NHS) is a statistical operation of the Ministry of Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare, which it carries out in collaboration with the INE, by virtue of an agreement signed between the two organisms.