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Statistics on Biotechnology Use. Year 2022 17 April 2024

Spending on internal R&D activities in Biotechnology increased by 13.0% in 2022, reaching 2,565 million euros. The full-time equivalent staff dedicated to internal R&D activities in biotechnology was 35,301.2. 58.0% were women.

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Expenditure and employment in Internal R&D activities related to biotechnology - Year 2022
Indicator Note Value Variation
Internal expenditure 1 2,565,367 13.0
Employed personnel Total 2 35,301.2 7.3
Employed personnel Women 2 20,474.8 8.0
Researchers. Total 2 22,324.6 6.6
Researchers. Women 2 12,176.5 7.4
  • Variación: porcentaje sobre el año anterior
    • Thousands of euros
    • People on a full-time equivalent
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Year 2022 Published: 17/04/2024
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The objective of the Statistics on Biotechnology Use is the measurement of the national effort in biotechnology-related activities, so that it is capable of providing the necessary information for the taking of adequate scientific-technological policy decisions. In this regard, the objective is to ascertain the type of biotechnology-related activities that are carried out in each of the sectors in which the economy is divided; the final application areas of the products obtained via the development of biotechnologies; economic and human resources appointed to the biotechnology-related productive and investigation activity in Spain.

Since the 2021 edition of the Statistics on the use of Biotechnology, the statistical unit has been modified in the Business Sector due to the coordination of this operation with the Statistics on R&D activities. The statistical unit is the Statistical Company as defined in European Regulation 696/1993.