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Expenditure and employment in Internal R&D activities related to biotechnology - Year 2017
Indicator Note Value Variation
Internal expenditure 1 1,693,773 7.2
Employed personnel Total 2 26,692 7.5
Employed personnel Women 2 15,344 9.4
Researchers. Total 2 16,693 5.9
Researchers. Women 2 9,003 7.6
  • Variation: percentage compared to the previous year
    • Thousands of euros
    • People on a full-time equivalent

The objective of the Statistics on Biotechnology Use is the measurement of the national effort in biotechnology-related activities, so that it is capable of providing the necessary information for the taking of adequate scientific-technological policy decisions. In this regard, the objective is to ascertain the type of biotechnology-related activities that are carried out in each of the sectors in which the economy is divided; the final application areas of the products obtained via the development of biotechnologies; economic and human resources appointed to the biotechnology-related productive and investigation activity in Spain.

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Year 2017 Published: 24/06/2019
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