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Survey on homeless people. 2022 19 October 2022

A total of 28,552 homeless persons were cared for in accommodation and catering assistance centers in 2022, 24.5% more than in 2012. A total of 28.8% of them became homeless due to the need to start from scratch after arriving from another country, and 26.8% because they lost their job. A total of 59.6% of this group presents depressive symptoms.

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Users of assistance centres - Year 2022
Indicator Note Total Spanish nationals Foreign nationals
Total 28,552 14,316 14,236
Males 21,900 10,618 11,281
Females 6,652 3,697 2,955
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Year 2022 Published: 19/10/2022

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The Homeless People Survey 2022 (persons) has been designed to reveal the social and demographic profile, the living conditions and the difficulties that homeless people have in gaining access to accommodation. For this group the following characteristics are researched: sociodemographic characteristics (sex, age, duration of residence in Spain, nationality, Register registration), accommodation (frequency, types, characteristics, previous cases and searching), the relationship with the activity, economic situation, education, health, family links and history, the utilisation of Social services and the relationship with Justice.

This is conducted with help from Instituto Vasco de Estadística (EUSTAT) in the scope of the Autonomous Community of País Vasco.