• Initials of the organisms
      • AIMC. Association for the Research of the Media
      • ALTADIS. Alliance, Tobacco and Distribution
      • CGPJ. General Council of the Judiciary Branch
      • EUROSTAT. Statistical Office of the European Communities
      • FOMENTO. Ministry of Fostering
      • IMSERSO. Institute for the Elderly and Social Services
      • INSALUD. National Health Institute
      • ISFAS. Social Institute of the Armed Forces
      • MAPA. Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Food
      • MARM. Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs
      • MAS. Ministry of Social Affairs
      • MC. Ministry of Culture
      • ME. Ministry of Education
      • MEH. Ministry of Economy and Treasury
      • MI. Home Office
      • MECD. Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport
      • MMA. Ministry of the Environment
      • MSC. Ministry of Health and Consumption
      • MSPSI. Ministry of Health and Social Policy and Equality
      • MSSSI. Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality
      • MTAS. Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
      • MTIN. Ministry of Labour and Immigration
      • MUFACE. General Society of State Civil Servants
      • MUGEJU. General Judicial Society
      • OECD. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
      • OEPM. Spanish Patent and Trademark Office
      • ONLAE. Spanish National Lotteries
      • ONT. National Transplant Organisation
      • SGAE. General Association of Writers and Publishers
Latest data
2011 Edition Published: 31/05/2012

Did you know...?

Until 2011, the National Institute for Statistics conducted this compilation of indicators related with global aspects of the social reality, offering a comparison on a national level, for the autonomous community, province and with the different countries of the European Union.

The objects of the investigation are classified according to fields of social preoccupation; family and social relations, education, work,income, distribution and consumption, social protection, physical environment, culture and leisure, social cohesion and participation.