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Survey on industry expenditure on environmental protection. Year 2018

Industry allocated 0.4% of its turnover to environmental protection, reaching 2,626 million euros. Industry expenditure on environmental protection increased by 4.2% in 2018.

Industry Expenditure on Environmental Protection - Year 2018
Indicator Note Value Variation
Total expenditure 2,626,234.5 4.2
Current expenditure 2,006,678.1 4.5
Gross investment 619,556.4 3.3
  • Value: thousands of euros. Variation: Percentage over the previous year
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Year 2018 Published: 23/07/2020
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The main objective of the Statistics on Environmental Protection Activities is to have regular, representative and comparable data available regarding the expenses of the companies for the purpose of assessing the national and community policy in this environmental area.

The Survey on industry expenditure on environmental protection assess the expenditure on environmental protection made by establishments in the industrial sector, both current expenses and investments, to avoid, reduce or eliminate the pollution resulting from the development of its activity (air pollution emissions, noise pollution, wastewater treatment and the treatment of solid waste generated). The fundamental variable for the survey, investment, is broken down by environmental sphere for both types of existing equipment, "end-of-pipe" equipment and integrated equipment.