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Retail Trade Indices (RTI). May 2020

The monthly variation of the Retail Trade Index at constant prices is 19.3% after seasonal and calendar adjustment. The annual rate of the General Retail Trade Index at constant prices stands at -19.0% in the seasonal and calendar adjusted series and at -20.2% in the original series.

Trade sector indicators - May 2020
Indicator Note Monthly change Anual change
Constant price sales index Original series 21.6 -20.2
Constant price sales index Seasonally adjusted series 1 19.3 -19.0
Occupancy indices -0.7 -3.6
  • Series adjusted for seasonal and calendar effects
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May 2020 Published: 26/06/2020

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The main objective of the Retail Trade Indices (RTI) is to obtain the fundamental characteristics of companies dedicated to the exercise of wholesale in Spain, which facilitates measuring in the short term, the development of activity in the sector. The basis of the index is the year 2015.