• Type of survey: continuous on an annual basis.
  • Population scope: the population and households living in Spain as well as family dwellings.
  • Geographical scope: the entire national territory.
  • Reference period of the results: Data refer to the average value for the period.
  • Reference period of the information: the date of the interview.
  • Annual sample size: the sample investigated is made up of 1,572 census sections distributed over the 4 quarters of the year and 65 mailing addresses per section, which means approximately 100,000 mailing addresses, of which around 70% are occupied dwellings.
  • Type of sampling: two-stage sampling with stratification of first stage units. The first stage units are the census sections and the second stage units are the existing mailing addresses in the section.
  • Collection method: multi-channel, through the Internet (CAWI), postal mail, computer-assisted telephone interview (CATI) and computer-assisted personal interview (CAPI).

Methodological documents, questionnaires, classifications,...