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Population projections. 2020-2070

Spain would gain almost one million inhabitants in the next 15 years and more than three million by 2070 if current demographic trends were maintained. The population aged 65 and over would account for 26.5% of the total in 2035.

Population and demographic phenomena projected
  Note Year 2020 Year 2034/2035 Year 2069/2070
Population resident at 1 January 1 47,329,981 48,284,479 50,589,811
Natural increase 2 -112,595 -123,980 -229,185
Migratory balance 2 109,571 245,000 299,000
  • 1 The projected data are referred to 2035 and 2070
  • 2 The projected data are referred to 2034 and 2069
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2020-2070 Published: 22/09/2020
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The Population projections provide a simulation of the population that would reside in Spain in the next years, broken down according to basic demographic characteristics, on the basis of the population estimate at 1 January of the current year. They meet the need for a current outlook of the possible future demographic reality which is updated to the most recent demographic evolution. In particular, the object is to simulate the effects of the demographic structure and the current demographic tendencies on the future population.

This information is provided every 2 years with a 50-year projected horizon for the national total and 15 years for Autonomous Communities and provinces, following basic demographic characteristics.

As from 2018, a collection of projected basic demographic indicators (birth, fertility, mortality, migration and growth indicators and structure of the resident population in the country) is incorporated, summarising the future evolution of demographic phenomena in Spain in the event that current demographic trends are maintained.