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Social Integration and Health Survey. 2012

Social Integration and Health Survey. Year 2012. The prevalence of disabilities stands at 16.7% for persons aged 15 years old and over. Half of persons with disabilities state that they lack help with involvement in everyday activities.

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Year 2012 Published: 02/12/2013

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Year 2012

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The Social Integration and Health Survey is a statistical operation conducted by the National Institute for Statistics with reference to 2012 for investigation the interaction between the health condition and the social involvement of the Spanish population, identifying and characterising persons with disabilities in particular.

This is the first survey that the INE is conducting, fully adapting to the International Classification of Functioning (ICF 2001) of the World Health Organisation (WHO), and it has been carried out in all EU countries with a common methodology, which enables obtaining harmonised information on a European level, regarding disabilities and obstacles to the social involvement of persons with and without disabilities.

14,600 persons were interviewed between September 2012 and February 2013.

The survey provides national and Autonomous Community results, with tables on the following: disabilities, state of health and limitations in activities and obstacles to social involvement.